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What Causes Hair Growth?

At one point or another every woman has reached for the tweezers or razor.  Removing unwanted hair as quickly as possible to avoid embarrassment is the goal in mind.  However, these at home methods can make your hair grow back thicker, darker, and faster.  Understanding the underlying cause of your hair growth can assist you […]

Best Practices When Preparing for Electrolysis

So you’ve gone ahead and committed yourself to a hair removal solution before the summer months take full effect.  Electrolysis is an excellent choice given that it is the only permanent hair removal treatment.  Although other techniques create a similar result, they are temporary.  Further, electrolysis is the only method approved of, and recognized by, […]

Electrolysis Unveiled

With the long winter months coming to an end, it is time to think about kickstarting our summer maintenance routine. For many, this involves pulling out the razor and shaving cream, or maybe quick at home hair removal solution.  If razor burn and harsh chemicals are no longer appealing, now is a perfect time of […]

Electrolysis Myths Debunked

Over the years, hair removal has become a more common practice for men, women and young adults. There are a variety of methods for hair removal that people employ to see the results they desire. One of these methods is electrolysis. Unlike other hair removal methods, electrolysis is the only permanent method for hair removal […]

The Most Common Places for Hair Removal

Few things are worse in your everyday life than stubborn hairs. Everybody has at least one strand that grows in an inconvenient place you have to shave off. While it’s that time of year when you can hide most of your unwanted hair with a turtleneck, sometimes it’s better to take care of it permanently. […]

What Causes Unwanted Hair?

Do you ever look at your arms and notice one hair that’s thicker and darker than the others? Maybe you’ve seen a patch of hair growing back no matter how many times you wax or shave it. Unwanted hair affects more Americans than you’d think. The most common place for unwanted hair is above the […]

Why Choose Electrolysis?

There is a myriad of hair removal treatments out there. Nair has been successful with their hair removal creams. Then there’s Gillette, a multi-million dollar corporation dedicated to razors and shaving cream. While products like these can be done in the comfort of your own home, you’ll have to repeat the process throughout your life, […]

Are There Side Effects to Electrolysis?

Many people don’t know that electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal treatment. Other treatments like shaving, waxing, or laser are only temporary. Electrolysis is also backed by the United States Food and Drug Administration. This means there is ensured safety. When it comes to electrolysis in Nashua NH, there doesn’t seem to be a […]

Shaving vs. Waxing vs. Electrolysis

It’s an age-old debate. At least, it’s a debate as old as waxing’s popularity in the United States. For some, deciding to shave, wax, or seek electrolysis in New Hampshire is nothing more than a personal preference. Whichever fits best into your schedule is what you tend to choose. However, many don’t realize that finding […]

Four Things To Consider Before Electrolysis

While you may be sure that it’s time to get electrolysis in New Hampshire, there is some preparation you need to take beforehand to ensure the process goes well. A consultation from an electrologist is the best place to start. There are more things that you can do before the process to make sure that […]