Galvanic Current vs. Alternating Current

Posted by Nashua Electrolysis on October 8, 2017

If you are a newcomer to the world of electrolysis in NH, there is plenty of information to wrap your head around. You have to plan ahead with your electrologist, absorb advice for your treatment aftercare, and there are bound to be terms you’re not completely familiar with. Patients have often never heard of galvanic, alternating current or blend, so they are not sure what sets them apart. There are differences between the three that could help shape your treatment. Knowing about them will guide you in understanding the process a bit better.



Galvanic Current

-A direct current that works with the salt and water in the follicle to produce sodium hydroxide, that chemically destroys the hair follicle cells.

-Sodium Hydroxide is very mobile and will move within curved/distored follicles so that they can be successfully treated.

-The current needs to be present in the follicle for an extended period of time for proper treatment when galvanic current is used by itself.


Alternating Current

-Destroys hair by drying out or coagulating the hair germination cells in the follicles.

-Ideal for treatments that require patients to have a large amount of hair removed in a shorter amount of time than galvanic current.

-The current needs to be present in the follicle for hundredths to thousandths of a second or at a lower intensity with slower timing at full seconds.

-Also known as shortwave, flash, or thermolysis.



– Some treatments also require the blend method, which combines both types of current to stop hair growth. During the blend treatment, both types of current can be used simultaneously or sequentially



While both types of current will result in successful hair removal, they get used in different areas or situations. Like many other aspects of electrolysis in NH, it depends on the individual.

Hair removal requires precision and successful methods, and any type of current we use during electrolysis in NH will get the job done. Now that you’re more educated about the process, feel free to give us a call Nashua Electrolysis, LLC at (603)888-3803 and set up a consultation. We will assess your body and figure out the best course of action to keep you free from excess hair for the rest of your life!