Witch Hazel, The Alcohol Alternative

Posted by Nashua Electrolysis on June 8, 2017

After hair removal in Litchfield, NH you will need to cleanse the area for two to three days. Typically, cleansing means using any antiseptic to sanitize the area and keep it clean. We recommend using either 70% alcohol or witch hazel.

Rubbing alcohol, also known as isopropyl alcohol, was synthesized in 1926 as the first commercial medical product that we know today, according to Encyclopaedia Brittanica. While ancient civilizations figured out how to make alcohol, a majority of the alcohol they used was for drinking rather than the various medicinal and antiseptic that it is used for today. Most of the rubbing alcohol you buy at your local drug store is the 70% version that we recommend as a cleansing option, but it does come in a 90% solution that is too strong for most skin types.

The alternative that we recommend is witch hazel. Witch hazel is a plant that is native to North America and has multiple medicinal uses. Native Americans are noted as using witch hazel for its benefits. The bark, twigs, and the leaves of the plant are used to make a completely natural antiseptic. It can be either ingested or applied to the skin, depending on the ailment.

When you ingest witch hazel, you are typically treating diarrhea, colds, fevers, colitis, and some even believe that it could help treat cancer as well. The most common form of treatment for witch hazel today, however, is as a topical solution. It is an antiseptic, but can also help with itching, swelling, bruises, insect bites, and minor burns.

Witch hazel can double as an antiseptic, an anti-inflammatory, and can be extremely useful after your electrolysis hair removal in Litchfield, NH. The area will need to be cleansed and may be slightly raised. Witch hazel is a good alternative to rubbing alcohol. It doesn’t have a strong fragrance, so those with sensitive noses can use witch hazel. Also, as a natural remedy, many individuals do not have a bad reaction to the herb.

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